Below this listing of our Group Leaders are links to the many ministries the Assumption Church has to offer.  These groups are all ways you can find fellowship in our parish. 

The Assumption church could not function without the dedicated members of the parish who selflessly give of their time and talents for this community.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in the areas that are of interest to them.

Singing, cooking, baking, serving in the altar, reading the Epistle, ushering, decorating icons….these are just a few ways we connect with fellow parishioners as we worship and build our church community.

Take a look...let the listing fire your imagination.  If you are interested in a ministry or group that is not listed, please give Fr. Dean a call to discuss perhaps getting that ministry started here at the Assumption Church!

Group Leaders:

All Saints Camp Board:  Christina Chacharon - (206) 334-1574 or

Altar Servers:  Fr. Dean Kouldukis - (206) 323-8557 or

Assumption Bookstore Manager:  Trilby Coolidge - (360) 221-7650

Bible Study:  Fr. Dean Kouldukis - (206) 323-8557 or

2021 Bite of Greece:  Kristina Mehas - (206) 390-7233 or / Alexis Katsis - (203) 314-5069 or

Camp Agape NW:  Diana Argeres - (206) 498-9113 or

Chanters:  Chris Pampoukas - (206) 850-5111

Choir Director:  If you would like to lead our Choir, please contact the parish office at (206) 323-8557.

Church School Director:  Rachael Pamboukas - (425) 432-2786 or

Fellowship Hour Coordinator:  Ingrid Papahronis - (206) 713-8169 or  

Greek Language School (for Adults):  Marianne Bratsanos - (206) 992-7664 or 

Assumption Holiday Bake Sale & Holiday Fest:  Joanne Zarkades - (206) 473-7351 or

Men's Ministry Leader:  Andrew Manolides -

Parish Council President:  Niko Pamboukas -

St. Catherine Philoptochos Co-Presidents:  Teresa Delarose - (425) 348-9076 or Pauli Diafos - (206) 254-1806

St. John the Almsgiver (Cooking for the Homeless):  Mel Geokezas - (206) 782-5036

Studies in the Faith (Adult Catechism):  Fr. Dean Kouldukis - (206) 323-8557 or

Sunday Epistle Readers:  Jillian Chandler - (206) 323-8557 or 

Sunday Usher Teams:  Jillian Chandler - (206) 323-8557 or


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St. Catherine Philoptochos

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Private Groups:

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